It’s here! You can become a Best Friend Forever!

We’re excited to announce an easy new way to support Friends Forever…

Become a Best Friend Forever!


Sign up today!

Best Friends Forever (BFFs, in the urban dictionary) commit to a monthly contribution to Friends Forever, automatically charged to a credit card or handled by check. If you choose to donate by credit card, once you choose your amount, you don’t ever need to do another thing! Regardless of which payment method you select, we’ll let you know about great opportunities that will be available for BFFs only.

Here are the levels for monthly BFF donations.

$10 A $10 monthly contribution can help us buy garbage bags, copier paper, cat litter, soap, and other everyday supplies we need – every day! $10 can also buy a cuddly cat bed or a snuggly blanket for a lonely dog.

$17  A donation at this level can buy wholesome, nourishing puppy or kitten chow to keep our animal babies’ tummies full, or specialty food for an elderly or sick animal in our care.

$33 At $33, your contributions can be used for new kennels, cat towers, leashes and other pet equipment, and many other items needed to provide warm, safe shelter for homeless animals, including medication like flea and tick protection and tests for feline leukemia or heartworm.

$48 Generous donors at this level can help us make major strides we might not otherwise be able to accomplish in efforts such as spay/neuter programs, edu- cational events for adopters and other animal fans, inter-shelter transportation for homeless pets, and other important humane endeavors.

Other Whatever amount you choose, your contribution will help provide quality care for animals who through no fault of their own have found themselves waiting here for their forever homes!

We’ll be communicating ongoing updates about the program in upcoming communications to Friends Forever folks, but you don’t have to wait to be our BFF right now. Sign up today! We’ll send you a BFF window cling pronto that you can proudly display to show everyone how much you care!