Changes in Membership Fees take place March 1, 2012

FFHS continues to struggle providing the essentials for our companion animals.  Increasing costs and decreases in donations have taken a toll on the organization.  The Board of Directors has re-evaluated the fees status for both the membership and the dog park.  As a result, fee increases were passed by the board with the implementation date for membership fees set at March 1, 2012.  Dog park fees will increase on April 1, 2012 and be covered under a separate announcement.

The new Membership Fee Schedule is as follows:

Individual                                            $40.00 per year

Couple                                                     $60.00 per year

Senior(over 62)/Disabled          $25.00 per year

Patron                                                       $250.00 or more per year

Lifetime                                                   $1500.00 one time

Lifetime memberships may be purchased with a one time payment of $1500.00 or 12 consecutive monthly installments of $125.00.