Elite Design Team donates money to Friends Forever and FHN

Several women from Elite Design in Freeport donated $2,200 to Friends Forever Humane Society in Freeport. The money was raised from the sale of cookbooks the salon published and sold in the area. Pictured (left to right) is Kelly Blair, Michele Iserman, Carla Tillis, Carol Falconer, (Friends Forever Shelter Manager with Paige the dog), April Lynn and Becky Bendick. Elite Design also donated $2,200 to the FHN Leonard C. Ferguson Cancer Center. - Photo by Stefanie Weiss

Article below published by Jane Lethlean, The Journal-Standard.

Each day that Shelter Manager Carol Falconer comes to work, she comes to care for animals dependent on her efforts.

Falconer and her staff work with a limited budget. Donated money is always welcome. Falconer was in disbelief at $2,200 check presented to the shelter by stylists from Elite Design.

“We welcome money big or small, but this is big,” Falconer said. “It all helps us and the animals in our care.”

The money was half of what was collected from the sale of cookbooks put together by stylists and staff at the salon. The idea was to put together favorite recipes that are often shared at this prominent salon. Once the decision to publish the cookbook was made, several of the women got together to discuss what they would do with the money. Collectively, they decided to donate to two worthy causes — cancer and critters.

‘Cooking With Style’

In all 791 cookbooks, called “Cooking With Style,” were sold from the sale that began in November. $2,200 was also donated to the FHN Leonard C. Ferguson Cancer in Freeport. On March 16, the women representing the salon handed a check to Sue Hartje, manager of the center and Falconer at the shelter.

“We like to eat at our salon and so many of us were sharing recipes, so we decided to collect our favorite recipes and make a cookbook,” Carla Tillis said. “Actually, it started as a joke, but then we began to get all these recipes and it just happened.

“We took a vote to where we wanted the money to go and many of us have been touched by cancer and then there are the many animals in need, too.”

Falconer said she and her staff have cooked many of the recipes that were in the cookbook. No only does she welcome the money donated to the shelter, but she said she and the staff have been “cooking and eating.”

Tillis said delivering the donated money made the women feel the project was worthwhile.

“We all knew we didn’t want to keep any of the money for ourselves — we wanted to give back to the community that helps us at the salon,” Tillis said.

Falconer said the donated money will go toward helping the shelter maintain the daily care of the animals. Falconer said each time a large sum of money is donated she asks the donor if they have a specific area they wish to see the money go toward. Tillis told Falconer she would like to have the money used for outdoor dog runs.

Fighting Cancer

Tillis said she and the other women at the salon have all been touched by cancer in some way. Being able to donate money to the FHN Leonard C. Ferguson Cancer is one way to know they may be helping other people in their fight for life.

Sue Hartje, director of the cancer center, said she welcomed the $2,200 donation to the cancer center.

Note: The above is a copy of an article published by Jane Lethlean, from The Journal-Standard, Freeport, IL, March 22, 2011. Link to online version of this article here. Our many thanks to Jane and everyone at the Journal-Standard!!!